Civic Media Art: Kevin van Braak leads a site-specific project in Milan, curated by cheFare for Lacittàintorno

Civic Media Art

CIVIC MEDIA ART is a long-term artistic production process which engages the work of a cultural producer within the context of Adriano – a decentered suburb of the city of Milan – and its public spaces.

The guest will participate to the conceptualisation and set up of a site-specific art project connected with daily life of the inhabitants of the area.

cheFare is the curator of the whole process, aiming to rethink public art (by creating possibilities of a dialogue between participants and avoiding the border commonly existing between art and spectators) and experiment civic forms of art production.

We invited Kevin Van Braak from The Netherlands since we know and appreciate Dutch tradition in investigating and developing cultural projects which connect media, creative practices, arts, citizenship, and their possibility to influence or be embedded in specific communities.

CIVIC MEDIA ART will take different shapes:
a) a Camp to scan the field (October 18-19-20 2017);
d) a Production Lab for the field research and production (November-December 2017);

e) a calendar of dissemination events, with debates, presentations and talks (January-April 2018);
f) an international editorial production series, on and off line.

Civic Media Art, curated by cheFare with the support of Embassy and Consulate-general of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Mondriaan Fonds, is part of the programme Lacittàintorno by Fondazione Cariplo.

The team working on Civic Media Art is composed by:
Kevin Van Braak – Artist
Ivan Carozzi – writer
Lucrezia Cippitelli – Curator
Bertram Niessen – Curator
Marilù Manta – Project Manager
Erika Sartori – Producion Manager

In the picture a moment of “BUS(The Good Life)“, Kevin van Braak


Civic Media Art has been realized for the programme
Lacittaintorno-fondazione cariplo
with the support of
Alce Nero

Tutti i contenuti legati al progetto


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